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BRIEF The project proposal consists of two vertical gardens with different geometric structures, both indoors and outdoors, in combination with the space. Through avant-garde elements, the design aesthetics are focused on a vegetal lattice along the entire exterior facade: beams of light enter the interior space


In the Crestatx garden, we have undergone a significant transformation by replacing the lawn with a carefully planned design. We have opted for mini-sized river stones to facilitate circulation, combined with a selection of strategically placed plants to create a harmonious visual balance. 2D & 3D At


The Campos Garden is an impressive 10,000 m2 space designed and created by our gardening company, S'Estepa. Every corner of this garden has been carefully planned to offer a unique and enjoyable visual experience. The Plan Upon entering the garden, you are greeted by two central pathways

How do you create a landscape design?

Our Landscape Journey Design From Concept to Creation We visit the place and immerse ourselves in its essence. We listen carefully to the property owner, considering the desired level of maintenance. Taking inspiration from the architectural context and the surrounding vegetation, we initiated a design concept. This

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Discover the art of garden design and transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking sanctuary that reflects your style and rejuvenates your senses. Explore our services now and create the garden you've always envisioned.

The challenge of creating this garden

When we took on the challenge of creating this garden, we poured our hearts and creativity into it. We wanted it to be a magical and charming space, where nature could display all its beauty. Once the design and installation were completed, our dedication didn't end

The garden, a poetic and harmonious expression

The garden is not just a mere collection of elements, but a poetic and harmonious expression that emanates from the landscape itself. Every detail, from delicate flowers to solid rocks, is carefully chosen to reflect the serenity and beauty of the surrounding nature. The eternal