In the Crestatx garden, we have undergone a significant transformation by replacing the lawn with a carefully planned design. We have opted for mini-sized river stones to facilitate circulation, combined with a selection of strategically placed plants to create a harmonious visual balance.

2D & 3D

At the entrance, grasses and salvias predominate, offering a natural and fresh welcome. Around the pool, we have opted for shrubby species inspired by the tropics, such as Cycads, Bird of Paradise, Ficus, and Pittosporum.



In the rear part of the garden, we have created vegetation islands that lead towards the side area. Here, we have used aromatic and creeping plants, along with carefully selected trees, to integrate the vegetation with the surrounding gravel organically and attractively.

We highlight a wooded area, bordered by ribbon-like plants such as Ophiopogon and Agapanthus, along with shrubs like Myrtles, which blend perfectly into the environment. This area has been elegantly framed using corten steel, creating a charming contrast with the lush surrounding vegetation.

We have differentiated the forest area, which is very shaded, from the gravel area, which receives more sunlight.

In the shaded areas, we have chosen species adapted to these conditions, such as Ophiopogon and Chlorophytum, adding texture and color even to the darkest corners of the garden.


In summary, our main focus when designing this garden was to reduce water consumption by eliminating the lawn while creating pedestrian pathways among the plants to fully enjoy the beauty and serenity of the green space.