We are S’Estepa Design

A team of skilled and dedicated professionals devoted to creating exceptional outdoor spaces for our clients. From inception to realization, we specialize in conceptualizing and materializing luxurious gardens, rooftop terraces, and landscapes.
S'Estepa, a flower that reflects our passion for Mallorca
Our name comes from Grey-leaf cistus, known as “estepa” in Spanish, which is a characteristic Mediterranean plant that naturally blooms in forests, shrubs, as well as rocky and stony areas. Renowned for its resilience to adverse conditions such as drought and lime-rich soils, it possesses a unique beauty. For this reason, we have chosen the estepa flower as a profound representation of our connection with the island and its nature. It symbolises our passion for Mallorca and everything that inspires us in this extraordinary natural environment.


S’Estepa, reflecting the essence of Mallorca


If you have decided to create a garden in Mallorca, do not hesitate to trust our design team.

Our reputation, with over 26 years of experience in design and gardening on the island, backs us and ensures that the designs we create are at the forefront of the latest trends, without compromising the sustainability we value so much.

Pedro Campaner


Born and raised in Mallorca, Pedro is the founder of S’Estepa Design and S’Estepa Jardinería Integral. He is a technician in Agricultural Exploitations and specialised in Landscaping. With over 26 years of experience working and designing gardens in Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca, he envisions gardening as an extension of the Majorcan landscape, and his unique expertise is reflected in every design he creates. From aesthetic beauty to the perfect adaptation of the garden to its surroundings, Pedro considers sustainability a crucial factor. He takes into account water resources, climate, and terrain characteristics to achieve complete success in every project.

Blanca Gonzalez


Blanca plays a crucial role as an internal administrative and accounting staff member for over six years. Her dedication focuses on ensuring that the economy of our garden projects is fair, equitable, and viable while guaranteeing the quality and value of each project. Blanca understands the importance of maintaining a fair and equitable economy, ensuring that expenses align with the expected value derived from each project. This allows our clients to achieve high-quality results without compromising their financial viability.

Sofia Grimaux


Sofia is a professional dedicated to actively listening to the desires and needs of our clients, working closely with them to transform their visions into concrete and tangible garden designs. Her ability to fluently communicate in languages such as English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian allows us to cater to a wide range of international clients, ensuring that they feel comfortable and understood throughout the entire process.

Iulia Oleg Miron


Iulia is an architect from The Sapienza University of Rome, has pursued her studies between Rome, Paris, and Moscow, where she won a scholarship for her final project. At S’Estepa Design, she specialises in translating our designs onto paper. With her ability to create 3D and 2D designs, Iulia brings projects to life before they become a reality, allowing our clients to visualise their future garden with great precision.

Miguel Llabres


Miguel plays an essential role in the management and development of gardens, focusing on their construction and addressing our clients’ concerns on-site. His technical knowledge and skills enable him to make adjustments on the fly and resolve any issues that may arise during the construction process. Being present during construction allows him to interact directly with clients, answer questions, and address any concerns they may have.



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