The Campos Garden is an impressive 10,000 m2 space designed and created by our gardening company, S’Estepa. Every corner of this garden has been carefully planned to offer a unique and enjoyable visual experience.

The Plan

Upon entering the garden, you are greeted by two central pathways covered in lippia, which act as visual axes. At the end of these pathways, a majestic tree known as bellasombra stands out. Along the entrance path to the estate, we have used red lippia and gauras, creating a vibrant and welcoming area.

The pathway leading from the entrance to the house is lined with rosemary and ficus nitida, providing a fragrant and elegant ambiance. Additionally, we have added lantanas in an “S” shape as decorative elements, adding beauty and charm to the arrival at the estate.

Right next to the house, we have created an elevated garden of approximately 300 to 400 m2, covered in gravel and adorned with low-growing plants. These plants, with their various colors and rustic style, form a kind of gardening carpet that allows for a view of the entire garden from the house.

In the pool area, we have once again used lippia to create a visually appealing pathway. At the back of this area, you’ll find the bellasombra, which will eventually grow into a large tree. On both sides of the lippia, we have designed two spaces with a grid-like style, using plants such as white lantanas, purple bougainvilleas, and blue agapanthus. This design creates a mathematical and organized effect in the landscape.


On the other hand, in another area of the garden, we have opted for a more natural and organic approach. Here, we have created a reed garden using plants such as stipas and gauras, which intertwine to form a landscape resembling a rice field. Additionally, we have added rovellini palms that rise above the grasses, providing an interesting visual contrast. In this area, grasses predominate, with the exception of white gaura. In summary, we have combined three types of grasses, gaura, and rovellini palms to create a harmonious and attractive environment.

Another space in the garden is separated by cupressus arizonica, where we have placed shrubs with intense green tones and ground-covering plants such as pittosporum tobira nana and rosemary. This area evokes an Amazonian feel with its dense vegetation, which not only acts as large shrubs but also covers the ground. From here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the rest of the garden while sitting and relaxing.
Finally, we have a special space in the pool area that connects to the grid-like garden of lantanas, bougainvilleas, and agapanthus. In this area, we have created a tunnel with tall shrubs and different blooms, so that when you leave the lawn, you are surprised as you pass through this hidden passage before reaching the lantanas and agapanthus.


This space offers a magical experience as you cannot see what lies at the end of the tunnel until you arrive at that area, where the beauty of the garden is revealed.

The Campos Garden, designed and created by our gardening company, S’Estepa, is an exceptional 10,000 m2 space. Its carefully planned distinct areas offer a unique combination of mathematical design, naturalness, and visual surprises, creating a harmonious and captivating environment to enjoy the beauty of nature.