Located in Costa de La Calma, Calvià, this garden harmoniously combines a variety of natural elements and lush plants.

As you venture into this garden, you will find yourself surrounded by a carefully selected array of plants that create a tropical and Zen atmosphere.

These include elegant bamboo, striking Strelitzias, and exquisite Phormium variegata.

We have also incorporated a small grassy area and preserved the existing palm trees, adding an authentic touch to this space.

To achieve a visually captivating design, we have created color lines in the garden, using vibrant tones such as the yellow of the Phormium and the striking green and yellow of the bamboo. These plants intertwine in a play of colors that complement the existing palm trees. The result is a truly beautiful garden that invites relaxation and contemplation.

In addition to their aesthetic function, the bamboo plays an important role in providing privacy for our clients.

We have placed them on the walls to separate neighboring spaces, providing intimacy to the clients and reducing noise from the surroundings.

Thanks to their mature growth, we achieve a visual effect and a natural barrier against unwanted noise. To ensure proper control of the bamboo’s invasive growth, we have used hedges to delimit its expansion area. In this way, we ensure maintaining balance in the garden and avoiding any unwanted interference.

In the central planters, we have created an interesting contrast by placing Phormium variegata, Strelitzia augusta and Strelitzia reginae. This combination of plants highlights their individual beauty and adds a sense of dynamism to the ensemble. The Costa de La Calma Garden, located in a tropical and serene environment, is a place where natural beauty is harmoniously combined.

Our design and implementation have resulted in a visually appealing and functionally pleasant environment.