In the Llubí garden, our landscape design focuses on creating an aesthetic, functional, and sustainable space. We have prioritized water conservation by avoiding lawns and meadows in favor of a large gravel area. Next to the house wall, we have installed gravel stabilizers to create an ideal space for placing tables for breakfast or snacks. This area features an umbrella situated at the highest point of the garden, offering a panoramic view and allowing for full enjoyment of the surroundings.

To break the monotony of the gravel, we have introduced islands of rosemary and lavender, alternating these plants in five long and narrow islands, approximately 7 meters by 2 meters each. These plants will grow, partially covering the gravel and providing a contrasting color with the sea gravel.

Additionally, we have created five islands of various wildflowers that will grow and cover the ground, serving as points of flowering. In the center of the garden, we have incorporated a fireplace, creating a perfect space for extraordinary moments with family and friends. Around this central area, we have planted three jacarandas, providing points of shade in the garden.

The garden’s design aims to be low maintenance, highlighting wildflowers and creating areas with a high density of these plants, which gives the space a wild and natural character. This approach allows for the enjoyment of a garden that reflects natural beauty with minimal intervention.