An elegant garden that highlights the beauty of the Mediterranean surroundings for the enjoyment of hotel guests.

In the garden of Hotel Cabot Las Velas, we have completely transformed the space, replacing the lawn and meadow areas with a captivating layer of volcanic gravel.

This volcanic gravel provides a backdrop of intense brown color that contrasts with the lush variety of green tones and heights that dominate this garden.

To achieve this effect, we have created clusters of ground-covering plants in strategic points, composed of lavender, rosemary, stipa grass, and agapanthus. These smaller and compact plants bring a touch of fragrance and beauty while complementing the Mediterranean aesthetics of the garden.

Furthermore, we have introduced two varieties of shrubs: mastic and pittosporum tobira nana, which add structure and texture to the spaces. To evoke the Mediterranean atmosphere even more, we have incorporated the charming Chamaerops humilis palms, which are a distinctive hallmark of the region. We have also included the agave attenuata, a succulent plant that adds an exotic and contrasting touch to the composition.

In addition, we have divided the garden into four sections and installed a drip irrigation system with pipes and hoses beneath the volcanic gravel. This ensures efficient and uniform water supply to all plants, keeping them healthy and enhancing their beauty.

The objective of this landscape design was to achieve a contrast between the volcanic gravel and the wide variety of greens present, from the subtle stipa grass to the fragrant rosemary, lavender, and agapanthus, as well as the diverse shrubs like mastic and pittosporum.

In this garden, we have avoided the growth of tall plants to achieve a complete view from any point. From the pool area, guests can enjoy a panoramic and spacious view where different colors and heights intertwine in perfect harmony. This choice highlights the spaciousness of the garden, which used to convey a sense of limited space with the previous hedges of yew and cypress.

Our goal has been to create an elegant garden that highlights the beauty of the Mediterranean surroundings. The combination of volcanic gravel, plants of different tones and heights, as well as well-distributed elements, achieves an impressive and welcoming landscape composition for the enjoyment of hotel guests.